Fotogenix Ltd is equally proud to be associated with the Noritsu brand which has been at the forefront of innovation in the photo industry for nearly six decades, introducing revolutionary technologies and first to bring automated, continuous processing and photo printing equipment.
Its award-winning line of products have earned it a reputation for outstanding quality and reliability.

From large scale professional portrait labs to small, low volume studios, Noritsu products integrate seamlessly into professional lab workflows, delivering outstanding productivity with output quality that will satisfy our customers.

Noritsu 3800 Series

Noritsu 3800 Series The QSS-38 series minilabs are all about better quality, speed and efficiency. The QSS-3800, an entry level minilab with all basis tools those are vital for todays growing market and the QSS-3801 HD with advanced features like a 640 dpi laser exposure system, a 12-tray order sorter and a high-grade colorimeter unit for automatic daily setup can take your minilab business into new heights.

The QSS-3801 HD, is more feature driven with advanced technologies available at a competitive price. We are confident enough that these two models can make an impact on the whole market by making business profitable”.

Noritsu 3700 Series

Noritsu 3700 Series The QSS-37HD series has a newly developed high definition laser engine that produces 640dpi prints. This enables extremely high quality silver halide photos with outstanding color portrayal and excellent image depth.

Due to the sharp increase in DSLR cameras in the market, more and more consumers are seeking higher quality and larger size silver halide prints, and the QSS-37HD series printers provide a perfect solution for these needs, as their print quality and color portrayal bring a new level of customer satisfaction.