We offer a multitude of options to cater for all your needs

Star and Geodesic Tents

The latest additions to our collection. Stylish and effortlessly beautiful.

Himalayan Tents

These incredibly beautiful pristine tents are named after the Himalayan Mountains; both for their conical shape and gargantuan size. They come in a variety of sizes : 24x15m, 24x24m, 24x33m, 30x20m,30x30m, 30x40m, 30x50 and 30x60m.

Skyline Tents

Stylish and classy, these eye-catching tents also offer occupants an unbelievably awesome view of the surrounding scenery. They are available in the following sizes : 6x6m, 10x10m, 15x10m, 15x25m, 15x30m and 15x40m.

Multiflex Tents

These enthralling tents are exceptionally well-designed, with a complete clear span tent system that sets a lucid standard for quality, style, options and possible combinations. They have an astoundingly wide range : 6x12m, 6x15m, 6x21m, 10x9m, 10x15m, 10x24m, 10x36m, 12x30m, 12x36m, 12x45m, 15x30m,30x30m, 20x50 and 30x60m.

Pagola Tents

Designed with optimum quality raw material and latest technology, these simple yet elegant tents are widely known for their simple installation and reliability as well as multiple combination patterns to suit all needs. They come in 3x3m, 5x5m, 8x8m and 10x10m sizes.

Camping Tents


Other Tents

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